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Do you need help getting the correct auto colour and touch-up paint repair kit for your vehicle, it can be challenging, so it is essential to make the correct choice to avoid depreciating your car and losing money, follow the leads from below to get professional help

How To Get OEM Factory Colour and Touch-Up Paint and Repair Kit:


There are only two ways to buy products here, 1) search using your colour paint code, and if it appears in the list and is selected you will be directed to the correct paint repair kit according to your paint code color type, (Be aware that if a “no image” is displayed the paint type colour selection is not directed until a colour swatch appears ) and 2), choose any paint kit and when added to cart, fill in the colour information form and follow the prompts… it’s that easy. Note, this is recommended if you already know your paint code and paint type details, read on to find out more about paint types

Where to find your paint code: To obtain this important, simply call your nearest new car parts Dealership and they will provide the details if you supply the “Vehicle Identification Number” which is on your car registration papers. Alternatively, you could look in your new car handbook or for the paint code Identification label, it should be in either of the front doors or the boot, or the engine bay compartment, these are a few choices. it is not recommended to do an internet search for colour codes as the information is regularly misinterpreted and incorrect.

Searching paint codes and colour numbers: Notes: Before choosing a paint repair product you must obtain the correct colour information, so you need to have the following, the vehicle’s month, year, make, and model of the manufacture, the paint code and the colour name if possible. once you have this start here with Paint Codes >> Note: We carry almost every OEM exact-match paint colour and code ever made, if you cannot see your paint code in the list select one of the links below the colour samples.  


Choosing your materials Identifying your paint, there are four types of coloured paint on the exterior of most modern cars, Basic (flat) Solid Non-Metallic Colours, Standard Metallic, Luxury Tri-Coat Pearl, Special Effect Tinted Clear over Metallic, and of course, Two-Tone colours are a combination of 2 or a maximum of 3 of the 4 types of paint, so do not get confused, your vehicle is painted in only one of these, for more information go to Material >>


What Paint Scratch Kit You Should Buy?

If you already know what product you want or want to Build your customized paint kit, have your vehicle paint code and or colour details and know your paint type Go here >>

*Select a paint scratch repair kit for either metal and rusting, plastic, or metal & plastic; Comprehensive or Target Kit?

  1. Select a “Target kit”. The paint on your car is made of many layers. Select one or all of the layers you wish to repair depending on what your paint scratch damage looks like, or
  2. Select a “Total Paint Maintenance Solution” for example, from the 3rd series generation Brush-Touch Pro Pen Series kit, Complete combo five touch-up pen kit. This kit restores your original paint, removes light and heavy scratches, and paint chips, transfers, and repairs all paint layers including treating any rust. (one paint colour is included in this kit). 
  3. There are cleaning and polishing agents that allow you to clean, polish and repair all paint layers on plastic and metal panels any time you get a paint scratch. This is one of the best and most cost-effective kits to buy. Brush Touch Professional Pen is one of the recommended paint scratch kits that every car owner should have, it cleans, Removes marks and camouflages paint scratches on most painted surfaces 

Choose one of each of the following from below to build a quality complete paint kit that works

  1. Choose your paint type
    * Colour
  2. Choose a Cleaning Agent
    * Solvent
    * Clean up
    * Prep – It
  3.  Choose a Cutting Agent
    * Blemish Remover
    * Quick Cut Polish
  4. Choose a primer or both
    * Plastic
    * Metal
  5. Choose a rust treatment
    * Rusted
  6. Choose a wax
    * Top Coat Polish

Learn about paint layers on Plastic and metal Painted Panels: The car body is generally metal and bumper bars and mirrors are typically plastic.

  1. Metallic Paint / Metal Panel – choose – *Cleaning Agent. *Cutting Agent. *Stop Rust. *Metal Primer. *Base Coat Color. *Clear Gloss Coat. *Top Coat Polish.
  2. Metallic Paint / Plastic Panel –  choose – *Cleaning Agent. *Cutting Agent. *Plastic Primer. *Base Coat Color. *Top Coat Clear. Top Coat Polish.
  3. Satin Pearl Tri-Coat / Metal Panel – choose – *Cleaning Agent. *Cutting Agent. *Metal Primer. *Shade1 Base colour. *Shade2 Base Color. *Top Coat Clear. *Top Coat Polish.
  4. Satin Pearl Tri-Coat / Plastic Panel – choose – *Cleaning Agent. *Cutting Agent. *Plastic Primer. *1st stage Base Coat. *2nd stage Base Coat Color. *Top Coat Clear. *Top Coat Polish.
  5. Non-Metallic Paint/Metal Panel – choose – *Cleaning Agent. *Cutting Agent. *Stop Rust. *Metal Primer. *Paint Color. *Top Coat Polish.
  6. Non-Metallic Paint/Plastic Panel – choose – *Cleaning Agent. *Cutting Agent. *Plastic Primer. *Paint Color. *Top Coat Polish.
  7. Tinted Clear Colour Paint / Metal Panel – choose – *Cleaning Agent. *Cutting Agent. *Stop Rust. *Metal Primer. *Base Coat Color. *Tinted Clear Gloss Coat. *Top Coat Polish.
  8. Tinted Clear Colour / Plastic Panel –  choose – *Cleaning Agent. *Cutting Agent. *Plastic Primer. *Base Coat Color. *Tinted Clear. Top Coat Polish.

Free with selected kits: kits with three pens or more come with bonus gifts, for example, a 15ml clean-up kit, either a work cloth and or polish cloth, a large brush, gloves, accessories, a user manual, and a tool caddie. depends on the kit you select

It is the actual cleaning agents, cutting agents, rust treatment, primers, and colour products that you need to decide on. We recommend a combination of the above products to make a total paint scratch removal and maintenance set. You will need to learn the repair guide for your colour type first.

Repairing your paintwork? Do you want a professional paint repair finish?, watch the Brush Touch Pro video; basis, Metallic paint is being repaired, and the difference in the repair of your type of paint is typically only a few variations in the repair formula, in other words, watch and take note of this mastered tutorial when repairing any paint colour type, it is an excellent start-up guide for fantastic paint repair results. The brand new all-in-one touchup pen kits are from the second generation Brush Touch Pro Pen Series, the first of its kind.

Watch how the paint damage disappears as the products in the Paint Pro kit are used

Repair Guides…



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