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About-us DIY Car Touch Up Paint Pens, Your Combination all in one repair tool

Here at our online super pen touchup store have everything you need to touch up your paint and other paint-damaged items using our proprietary combination of all-in-one paint and panel pens and scratch repair kits. Get free help from qualified licensed technicians who can give you the correct D.I.Y advice on how to refurbish and maintain paints on all your cars and other precious items. See more products at Car Touch Up Paint Australia

Send pictures to the mobile hotline number on the contact page with the year, make, model, and paint code of your item and receive your complimentary complete colour repair information pack including product links to your type of paint.

We are an accredited supplier of global OEM paint manufacturer Axalta Group – Standox Global.

With over 38 years of dealing with auto body collision repair and touch-up paint repairs, we can give firm advice about what paint scratch products to use. Our step-by-step videos have been produced for every paint-scratch, chip, and blemish repair scenario and to assist with any questions or handy tips on how to ensure you use each product to the best of your advantage.

Even the most amateur enthusiast will find that following the easy-to-use instructions and informative videos will ensure your item is restored and a professional result is obtained each time a Touch-Up Paint product is utilized. See thousands of paint colour chips to help you decide on custom colors, Select from pictures in the Match My Scratch gallery to select a paint scratch kit according to the paint damage you may have.

We stock the latest factory OEM exact match water bourne paint by Standox. This paint manufacturer is recognized as a world supplier of paint to auto manufacturers, for example, (Mercedes-Benz). This premium automotive paint provides factory exact-match colors and carries almost every paint code colour manufactured.



Color Match Guarantee
Introducing Automotive Touchup Paint Pens, your go-to solution for seamlessly restoring the original brilliance of your vehicle's paint. Our paint pens deliver an exact match to the auto color standards set by a prestigious global paint company – the Axalta Group of Companies. Renowned for manufacturing high-quality paints used by some of the world's most iconic automotive brands, including Mercedes-Benz, Mini, BMW, Peugeot, Toyota, GM Holden, ISUZU, LDV, HAVAL, and other beloved classics. At the heart of our offering is the commitment to precision color-matching. We understand the importance of maintaining the integrity of your vehicle's original paint job, and that's why we source our paint from the esteemed Axalta Group. This ensures that every touch-up with our paint pens results in a flawless finish that seamlessly blends with the manufacturer's intended color. The Axalta Group's global reputation for excellence in automotive paint production speaks volumes about the caliber of the product you receive with our touch-up paint pens. Our commitment to quality extends beyond the renowned brands we cater to; it's a promise to all car enthusiasts and owners seeking perfection in every detail. What sets Automotive Touchup Paint Pens apart is not just the unparalleled precision in color matching but also the custom color-matching guarantee we provide. We understand that your vehicle is a reflection of your style and identity. With our custom color-matching guarantee, you can rest assured that the touch-up paint you receive will harmonize seamlessly with your car's unique hue. Whether you own a Mercedes-Benz, Mini, BMW, Peugeot, Toyota, GM Holden, ISUZU, LDV, HAVAL, or any other classic brand, our paint pens offer a solution that's as diverse as the automotive world itself. Trust in the expertise of the Axalta Group of Companies, a name synonymous with global recognition and innovation in car paint manufacturing. To learn more about our custom color-matching Guarantee and explore the comprehensive range of automotive touch-up paint pens, Elevate your car's aesthetic appeal with Automotive Touchup Paint Pens – where precision meets passion.